Company History and Profile

Alarm & Communication Systems, Inc. (ACSI) was established in 1984. The company has evolved into a commercial systems integrator, maintenance and repair specialist.  Our work encompasses the entire State of Florida, where we maintain a fine reputation and pride ourselves with on-time, on-budget quality installations.

We pride ourselves at ACSI for having a workforce that diversifies in multi-family, multi-building  hospital and school installations ranging from University Institutions to Elementary Schools, and everything in between.

ACSI_TRUCK_04.20.17Through the years, ACSI has been active in our local, non-union apprenticeship program, as well as the National Apprenticeship Committee, writing curriculum and setting apprenticeship policy for the industry nationwide. Our commitment to training, not only for our own company, but for the industry, is indicative of our commitment to excellence.

A well qualified, well-trained workforce enables us to compete at a very competitive level, as well as maintain the high standards required by today's customers.

Further, with bonding capacity in excess of 20 million, we have the ability to cover a broad spectrum of work in our industry, where some of our competitors may not be able to qualify.  We insist that all of our projects have shared values, such as integrity, teamwork, safety, commitment to excellence, and customer satisfaction.  This insures outstanding performance and superior results for all involved.  Our in-house staff prides itself on providing competitive pricing in hard-bid situations, as well as complete and efficient engineering for design build projects.

ACSI also offers a complete service division with management and field personnel on call 24 hours a day, to guarantee prompt, dependable, and quality service whenever needed.

ACSI also takes pride in being a one-stop showroom for all of our customers low voltage needs.   We offer services for our clients from data, intercom, security, fire alarm, MATV/CCTV, fiber optic cabling, and access control to telephone cabling and audio/video systems integration.  ACSI offers a unique opportunity for the end-user to have one point of contact for all its system needs.

We trust you will conclude with the same confidence that we have, that Alarm & Communication Systems, Inc. can fulfill all your systems needs and is capable of providing a professional, on-time, on-budget project complete with old-fashioned quality.